West German Show Line Shepherds

Monroe Haus German Shepherds is dedicated to the breeding and training of the highest quality German Shepherd dogs and puppies. With over 40 years of experience, and the help of our friends in the USA and Germany we breed, raise and train true German Shepherds that you’ll be proud of.

With locations in Rhode Island and just south of Roanoke, Virginia, we continue to provide beautiful German Shepherd puppies to families throughout the Northeast; including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Our breeding stock come from show rated and titled West German Sieger show lines. We adhere to the German SV (Verein Für Deutscher Schäferhund) standards. Our dogs’ hips and elbows are xrayed and certified through the German SV. We DNA tested through EMBARK. All of our dogs tested negative for all 11 German Shepherd specific genetic conditions including DM (Degenerative Mylopathy) and all 208 additional genetic conditions. We breed for sound tempermants, character, structure, along with dark black and red pigmentation. All of our puppies are hand raised from birth in the home.


Dear Walter and Joanne

Robert is a wonderful dog ! He has fit in nicely here at the house and loves to go to the beach. He sleeps in our bed room and is never anxious to go out in the night.

In between walks and the beach we go to for car rides to the office and the parks. We walk at least 3 miles a day and take lots of car trips. Hotels are no problem. I bring food, water, and a dog bed for him to sleep on.

Thank you so much for getting us this great dog.

Sincerely, Lyman and Pat

Lyman and Pat
Walter & Joanne,

I just wanted to thank you again for a great dog. My baby boy is just so curious about her and she is so gentle with him. My older dog is in heaven to have a playmate again. Hope all is well with you and your beautiful dogs. When I walk into the training class with her, people just stop and stare.

She really is a beautiful dog.

Talk to you soon. Deb

Hello Walter and Joanne,

I am the proud owner of Olga, who will be 3 in February 2008. She has turned out to be a beautiful family dog and I have worked very hard to socialize her with people, children, cats and horses. We have 11 horses and my daughter, Rebecca, is a licensed riding instructor and Olga is very good with her students. I have been very busy running my business in North Attleboro, helping with the farm and all. There doesn’t seem to be enough time, but this spring I would like to start Schutzund at least at the lower level. When that is complete I would like to breed Olga as I did not spay her. I would like your advice when it comes to that.

Thank you, Polly Schaefer

Polly Schaefer
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