Mailbox 4


“very greatful”

Dear Walter & Joanne,

We want to thank you for bringing us together with Juno (Yuli). We’re just so thrilled and very proud of her. She’s incredibly smart, healthy, beautiful and has a lovely personality. We cannot take her anywhere without being stopped on the street, as though she’s a celebrity. She’s loves to learn new things & then does so very quickly. We are both very grateful to you for so kindly & patiently answering all the questions we’ve had.

Best Regards,

Diane and Ken

3 Years Later

Dear Walter & Joanne,

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

We have just celebrated our 3rd year with Juno (Yuli).  She is such a fantastic dog in every way!  We are so thankful to have got this amazing dog from Monroehaus…  Juno is very happy, healthy & beautiful.  She also loves to model for photos – as you can see in photos below ; )

All the best,

Diane, Ken & Juno


“amazing dog from Monroehaus”


“the best personality”

Hi Walter & Joanne,

Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Loved the Christmas email picture. We were contemplating a second dog and wondered what you had for pups. I enclosed some recent pics of Wiley. We love how he has settled into our family. I was told by our obedience instructor that he had the best personality of any Shepherd they had seen.

Have a Happy New Year!

Becky Flynn

Walter and Joanne,

I bought Boss vd Malchower Aue from you guys a few years back. I wanted to let you know that we recently received our schutzhund 1 with scores of 91/90/88! Since buying Boss Aka Stomper, I have become a v.p. of a DVG schutzhund club and certified as a level 2 helper with my first regional coming this November in Virginia! I’ve also started working at a dog kennel and training facility here in Massachusetts as a kennel tech and dog trainer! I love my job and the lifestyle I’ve found since buying a dog from you. Thanks and I hope all is well.

Guy and Briana Ventura

(we got married also)


“thanks for producing such a great dog”

Hi Walter and Joanne,

We are having a wonderful time with Gunther (Andrjuscha and Nola son).  He has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Even our elderly dogs, our Yellow Lab, Maggie and Golden Retriever, Winnie have grown to love him.  He plays with them each day and has brought new life and energy to them.  He has been wonderful with our two year-old granddaughter, Veda, just as you said he would be.  Her mom, our daughter Kate wants to eventually have a Monroehaus German Shepherd.  Our Daughter, Jillian , who you met when we picked up Gunther, is home for the summer and has had a great time socializing Gunther each day.  When we visit Kate in Burlington, VT, Gunther is the main attraction on Church St. (the tourist spot). He also was a hit at the K-9 Olympics (just a spectator) in Storrs, CT last weekend.  He sat quietly with an 18 month-old.  Many people wanted to know where we got him.  Thanks for producing such a great dog.  We hope we can give him the training to bring him to his fullest potential.  He will definitely get enough affection!  When do you think we should expect his floppy ear to stand up?  It has become his trademark.

H. Scott Phelps

5 Months Later

Hi Walter and Joanne,

We love Gunther. He is a super star at the training class we take him to. He loves the other two dogs he lives with and gets along with all the dogs in the training class. He is in the mischievious phase in chewing stuff around the house. We can’t keep up the inventory of marrow bones. He continues to bring alot of smiles to us. He is very athletic despite still being pretty clumsy.

Gunther’s ears are up all the time now and he is 9 months old.

Thank you so much for your help.



Dear Walter and Joanne,

We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to have Fargo. He has only been a member of our family for a few short days but already he has a permanent place in our home and our hearts. Not only does he have beautiful conformation, but he has superb temperament and character. We have already exposed him to several new situations which included other German Shepherds. He handled himself beautifully! He has already at this age a very regal bearing and seems to know how exceptionally handsome he is. We have received notice of a

show in Bowling Green Kentucky in October and will be entering him. With the Huntsville Show, the Bowling Green one, and the Nationals in Perry and then possibly the North American Sieger Show in November, he will be well experienced in the ring by the time he is 6 months old. Thank you again for producing such high quality German Shepherds. We are delighted to tell people where we got him!!

Monika and Wayne

17 Months Later

Dear Walter and Joanne,

We are very pleased with Fargo. He continues to amaze us with his performance in and out of the ring!

We appreciate having him in our lives.

Thank you! Wayne


“delighted to tell people where we got him”


“absolutely wonderful dog”

Dear Walter & Joanne,

We’re having such a great time with Holly. You should be so proud. Holly is an absolutely wonderful dog. She is very calm. The cats were very interested but looked from afar. Holly ignored them – too many good smells around here.

The wood chips outside were a great idea as was the crate with the puppy smell. Absolutely no problems. This may be hard to believe, but I think that Holly may be house-trained. She let me know twice today that she wanted to go out. One time she even went down the stairs herself (with her leash on & she does not like the stairs) & waited by the front door.

Yours, Eileen

Hi Walter and Joanne

Hero is really making himself right at home. He wakes up in his crate next to our bed at 5:30am and plays with his toys till 6am. Then he is ready to get out and go outside. He is easily going up stairs and tonight he figured out how to go downstairs as well. He discovered Kodi’s fluffy tail this morning and delights in playing with it. Kodi puts up with this for awhile and then moves on.

Hero is fearless and is stealing Kodi’s toys right out from under him and prancing about the room very proud. He is a total delight to all of us.


Tai and Michael


“Hero is fearless… a total delight”


“they’re the best!”

Hi Walter & Joanne,

We haven’t sent you a photo in some time; so, thought you might like this photo of Arrow & Queue looking forward to Christmas.  They’re the best!!!!

Hope all is well with you guys,

Bruce & Sheila

Hi, Walter and Joanne,

It’s amazing to think that Ranger just celebrated his 2nd birthday!  He is so terrific.  Our lives would just be empty without him.  He’s talkative, loveable, handsome and funny.  What a companion! He loves being outside and chasing toys, balls and especially squirrels.  Whenever we go anywhere, people always comment on how handsome he is and how friendly he is. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with his, what a treat.

Happy Memorial Day.

Elizabeth Koskoff


“Our lives would be empty without him”